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Jumolhari Trek 09 Days (Hard Level)

Day 1: Drukgyel Dzong (2,580 m) to Sharna Zampa (2,890 m) (4-5 hours/17 km/360 m ascent/80 m descent)

Starting the trek from Drukgyel Dzong in the Paro Valley, the first part of the trek to Sharna Zampa is short, taking less than an hour to the campsite.

Day 2: Sharna Zampa (2,890 m) to Thangthangkha (3,575 m) (7-8 hours/22 km/770 m ascent/10 m descent) 

Day two is a 7-8 hour trek along the valley as it narrows to a small trail, before descending again to the large open meadow where you will camp for the night. Here you will get your first good view of the sacred Mount Jomolhari.

Day 3: Thangthangkha (3,575 m) to Jangothang (4,044 m) (5-6 hours/19 km/480 m ascent) 

Another chance to view the mountain as you set off, you travel along the stunning Paro Valley through alpine meadows and scant forests, with views of stunning alpine ridges and the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas. Yak herders reside in this area of the valley, and you will pass through several villages on the way to the most beautiful campsite in Bhutan, at Jangothang.

Day 4: Jangothang Halt (4,044 m) 

Day four is a rest day of sorts, staying another night at the base camp campsite, and giving you the chance to take some short hikes into the upper slopes of the mountains, with great views of Jomolhari and Mt. Jichu Drake, as well as some stunning lakes and mountains.

Day 5: Jangothang (4,044 m) to Lingshi (4,010 m) (6-7 hours/18 km/840 m ascent/870 m descent)

This day’s trail takes you to one of the last remote settlements in the area, at Lingshi. After the stunning Tshophu Lake, you climb up to the highest pointy of the trek at Bhonte La Pass at 4,890 meters. On the other side, you trek down to the Dhumzo Chhu River, and follow it downstream to the campsite, passing through the tiny hamlet of Soi Yaktsa.

Day 6: Lingshi (4,010 m) to Shodu (4,080 m) (8-9 hours/22 km/940 m ascent/870 m descent)

From Lingshi, it is a long day’s trek to Shodu, the next camping ground, climbing first up to the 4,930-meter Yelila Pass, from where you get a great view of Jomolhari, Tserimgang, and Masagang mountains, before making the steep downhill run to the campsite.

Day 7: Shodu (4,080 m) to Barshong (3,720 m) (5-6 hours/16 km/250 m ascent/670 m descent) 

From Shodu, the trail heads to Barshong, following the Thimphu Chhu through primeval forests and past stunning waterfalls. The valley narrows as the path heads up the slopes and you gradually ascend to the awe-inspiring ruins of the famous Barshong Dzong.

Day 8: Barshong (3,720 m) to Dolam Kencho (3,290 m) (4-6 hours/15 km/290 m ascent/640 m descent) 

The trail today descends again to the valley, passing along the Thimphu Chhu Valley through rhododendron forests, with sparse patches of conifer, maple, birch, and bamboo, to the pasture lands at the bottom of the valley, where you will camp for the night.

Day 9: Dolam Kencho (3,290 m) to Dodena (2,615 m) (3-4 hours/8 km/500 m ascent/930 m descent) 

A short final day takes you through several areas of dense forests, where you may get to see the local monkeys, known as Langurs, and winding up and down the valley sides to a small pass. As you reach the village of Dodena, you will head down to the road and the cantilever bridge, from where it is a 40-minute hike to the end of the trek at the beautiful Cherri Monastery.

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